Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Family Health Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Family Health Assessment - Essay Example Investing in health will lead to increase in health stock beneficial to individuals. Health deteriorates through involvement in activities such as smoking and drinking and feeding on refined food which lack roughages. This refers to the tradition and spiritual beliefs that guide in decision making. The finding unearths that religious affiliations, value-belief conflicts linked to health, special religious practices and whatever an individual perceives as significance are the pillars upon which value-health pattern is embedded. Many respondents attached seeking of medication to their spiritual beliefs as some said that they could not take drugs based on their belief. This is the metabolic pattern employed by an individual or family which unearths fluid and food consumption with respect to metabolic requirement and benchmarks local nutrients distribution and supply. This focuses on the status of teeth, hair, mucus membrane, skin and also weight and height (Gordon, 1994, p. 125). The researcher earmarked children decayed teeth based on over-feeding on sugary and refined food. Skin infection was also attached to lack of dietary amongst this family. There was a problem of weight loss based on malnutrition due to frequent refined food consumptions. This highlights the patterns of sleep, relaxation and rest. It is based on quantity and quality of energy and sleep, sleep routines as well as sleep aids employed by an individual. Many respondents basically males had lesser time to sleep and rest based on lack of work-life balance. The inadequacy and inequality of leisure hours and sleep was seen to affect males explaining massive weight loss. To females, quality and quantity sleep made them being healthier as they were not attached to more hours of work. This explains leisure, recreation and exercise patterns based on an individual hobbies and stretches to incorporate respiratory and

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