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Eharmony Case Study Essay Essays

Eharmony Case Study Essay Essays Eharmony Case Study Essay Paper Eharmony Case Study Essay Paper Question 1:The first general environment that is most relevant to this instance is the demographic section. This section focuses on population size. age construction. geographic distribution. cultural mix. and income distribution. This section is relevant to eHarmony because there chief focal point is to fit their customer’s with possible spouses. They need to take in history the lucifers age. income. ethnicity. and income. In the instance. they discuss how they require clients to reply inquiries about how old they are. where they are from. where they are populating. where they work†¦ etc. They take all this information and lucifer it with another client. The 2nd general environment that is most relevant to this instance is the sociocultural section. This section focuses on the society’s attitude and cultural values. This section is relevant to eHarmony because when they match their customer’s. than they have to take an history what t heir cultural values are and what their attitudes are toward the societal norms. The United States is a runing pot of different civilizations. Some clients are high on civilization and some are non. Demographic section represents an chance for eHarmony because they can spread out their company to other states. The article â€Å"Are You Ignoring Tendencies That Could Shape Up Your Business† made an interesting point that â€Å"ignoring tendencies can give challengers the chance to transform the industry. † If eHarmony does non travel into international markets than they would give Match the advantage of acquiring more clients on their site. eHarmony wants to be on the top. and the lone manner they can make that is by come ining a new market. Sociocultural section represents an chance for eHarmony because clients want to hold spouses that work and have the same cultural values that they have. It is all about being compatible with your spouse. In the article. it talks about how societal tendencies can alter the manner people perceive the universe around them. By demoing clients different lucifers from different states but the same values. can open their eyes to their new life spouse. Question 2:When on-line personal houses entered the market in 1992. they didn’t do good because people thought the desperate usage it. Which caused the on-line personal market to turn really slow. Everything changed in 2005. because people’s mentality changed and found it acceptable to utilize on-line personal site to happen their spouses. Not merely immature people use the site but besides the in-between aged group usage this site. Harmonizing to the article. of the 2. 2 million matrimonies that took topographic point. about 120. 000 of them were because of on-line personals site. It took awhile for the market to accept this new industry to assist people hook up and happen a suited individual to get married. The strengths of the power of providers is that they can increase their monetary values of their merchandises so they can exercise their power over there rivals. Thats what eHarmony is making over their rivals. There are some drivers that drive the bargaining power of providers. which are: ( 1 ) there are few of them. ( 2 ) they purchase a big sum of entire end product from the industry. ( 3 ) merchandises or services they purchase are homogeneous and uniform. ( 4 ) shift costs from one merchandise or service to another are low. and ( 5 ) there is a realistic menace they could backward incorporate into the industry itself. eHarmony does hold service that no other company was able to copy good and be every bit successful as eHarmony. The strength of competition among bing competition is that when a company has a large challenger so they are determined to crush their competition. They would make anything to do certain that their company is on top. The biggest challenger that eHarmony has is Match. eHarmony attempts to give services to their clients that Match can non give. There are some drivers that drive the strength of competition among competition. which are: ( 1 ) there are many rivals of approximately equal size. ( 2 ) the industry has slow or no growing. ( 3 ) issue barriers are high. ( 3 ) existing houses are committed to remaining in the industry. and ( 3 ) there are few bases of competition beyond monetary value. Match and eHarmony are about equal into size and they intend to turn even more. Match is determined to crush eHarmony for the top place in the industry. The two chances that would reshape the industry construction are switching menace of permutation and new bases of competition. Switching menace of permutation is when a replacement becomes more or less baleful because of the progresss in engineering that creates new replacements. New Bases of competition is when amalgamations and acquisitions introduce new ways of viing. or engineering invention can reshape competition. Question 3: eHarmony competitory advantage is that it uses a scientific developed questionnaire based on Dr. Warren’s 29 dimensions. Another advantage is that they are the first online personals site centered around matrimony minded persons. The last advantage is that they are sole on who they allow to utilize the site. The competitory advantage is sustainable because they satisfy the four standards in prolonging competitory advantage. The first standard is valuable capablenesss and they satisfy this standard because the laminitis created this extended questionnaire that he uses to find which individual they are compatible with. The 2nd standards is rare capablenesss and they satisfy this standard because the laminitis has a PhD in psychological science and he did is pattern in matrimony and love. He was the 1 who created the questionnaire and he was the 1 who created the algorithm on how to fit the clients together. No other company was able to copy that. The 3rd standards is dearly-won to copy and they satisfy this standard because no other company was able to make the algorithm that the laminitis was able to make to fit their clients together. The last standard is non substitutable and they met this standard because there is nil that substitutes it. Question 4: I believe that eHarmony should take the last option. which is the rapid geographic enlargement. They should take this option because they want to crush their competition and acquire more clients. They have already got their topographic point in the US market. now its clip to spread out the concern and go planetary. In the instance. it says that in European Union states. online dating is really popular. eHarmony does non recognize that besides the US. there are other states where online dating is popular. The downside of spread outing is that they are non certain how these other states might respond with on-line dating. The states would either accept them or worsen them. They would free a batch of money. Another downside is that they are non certain if their questionnaire and there algorithm would work in other states. They would necessitate to believe about the societal and cultural norms of each state. I did non take the 3rd option. which was that eHarmony wanted to make sites that focused on cardinal life phases such as nuptials. pregnancy- birthrate attention. and elder attention. I feel that eHarmony is known for the lucifer doing topographic point and non known for making life phases. I feel that they should foremost get the hang one side of the company before they start leaping into new industries. Question 5: eHarmony has an effectual strategic leading because Greg Waldrof. the CEO has all the qualities of a degree 5 executive. Mr. Waldroff wanted to do certain that his company is the top company in the lucifer devising industry. He created a questionnaire and a expression on how to construe the consequences. He made certain his staff understood it and used it right. The 2nd ground why eHarmony has an effectual strategic leading is because the leaders of the house made certain that the organisation civilization was kept in tact. Their civilization was to make good lucifers for their clients. The leaders made certain everyone understood that. The last ground why eHarmony has an effectual strategic leading is because of their ethical patterns. In eHarmony. they screen their clients before they can make a profile and purchase the bundles. They don’t allow married clients on the site because they want their clients to experience that the people on this site are looking for matrimony.

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