Sunday, April 19, 2020

Introducing The New Notification System Improved Insight Into Your Projects Progress

by Eric Hoppe We’re pleased to announce that starting today you’ll have access to an improved notification system which will allow you to better monitor your custom content projects’ progress. To access it, just visit the Inbox section of your account and click the Notifications tab. You’ll see a Notification Feed of the latest activity on your account. The system adds new notifications to your Notification Feed as they happen, so you can always be sure that you’re up to date on your projects’ progress. Additionally, the system will group together similar notifications that happen within 10 minutes of each other. You can click the + at the end of each entry to expand out the list of items grouped together to see a more detailed view. For example, in the screenshot above 2 of our requests were approved at around 2:44 PM so they were grouped together. Expanding them out, we’re able to see which two requests were approved. You’ll also notice links in the actual notifications, which will take you to relevant sections on the site. For example, when your requests are approved you can click the link to view and edit details of that request. If a writer claims your request, you can click on their name to visit their profile and send them a message. You’ll notice other links that will help you easily navigate to pages you need to visit to act on notifications. New Email Options Along with the new Notification Feed, we’ve also updated our system for sending you notification emails. Previously, you would receive an email for each notification that happened on your account. We’re now providing you with a tool to decide which types of notifications you want to be emailed about, as well as how frequently you want these emails. The different types of notifications you can control are: †¢ Requests being approved †¢ Requests being claimed or unclaimed †¢ New article for my request †¢ My request is expiring soon †¢ New articles in categories I watch †¢ Weekly digest with new articles You’re able set a frequency for each of these, ranging from every hour up to 24 hours after the notification happens. What this means is that your notifications will be delayed by the amount of time you enter, and when we do send them to you, they’ll be bundled together in one email digest. This email digest has a summary of all the different types of events, along with a detailed view if you scroll down. For example, if you set all notifications to 24 hours, you would get an email digest once a day that contained all notifications from your account for that period. If you set it to 1 hour, you’d get an email every hour with the latest activity on your account from that time period. Please note, we will only ever email you if there are new notifications to report. You’ll also notice that you can set the notifications to either Instant or Never. If you select Instant, we will send you an email for every notification of that type as it happens, much like our previous system. If you select Never, we will, as the name implies, never email you about that type of notification. We hope that you’ll find this new feature useful as you work on your custom content projects with your writing teams. Please share any feedback you have in the comments below, or feel free to contact us.

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